Hello folks,

Have just decided to send you an email to let you know how much I value your service and to tell you that I will be spending many more happy hours toddling round St Austell on my brilliant chariot.

We don’t have transport so we can’t buy a ride on scooter and at times its SO demoralising being stuck in a wheelchair, most times facing away from what I’m supposed to be looking at!!  Husbands to take a lot of training when it comes to wheelchair use and he’s been doing it for many years.

Thanks for a brilliant service, only slight criticism and I know its due to staffing etc and cost, it would be amazing if you were open  a bit later in the afternoon as sometimes my friend can’t pick me up until 2pm and so there is no opportunity for loaning the chair on that occasion.

Thanks for treating me with respect and kindness.




Lovely people very freindly it’s just opened my world up


St Austell


What a lovely service, had a great time, thanks.

St Austell


Now I’ve done it I will definately do it again.



New to the world of mobility scooters, at 33 it wasn’t something I fancied but found it incredibly helpful.  Hope to use one again, wonderful staff, highly recommended.



Now I’m no longer able to walk far this service has been a godsend.  Thank you for opening up in St Austell.





What a great place just what I needed.  I would have to stay at home if this place was not available.  Many Thanks.


St Austell


What a fantastic experience! After being stuck in the house for weeks my husband was able to take me out pain free-would highly recommend.



Thank you Tamsin you have been so helpful.  It is now a pleasure to come into town.


Couldn’t do without this fantastic service.  Thank you very much.  I’ll be back.

Mr J


Thank you for all your help.  The scooter was really useful to help Dad get around on his holiday.

The Sierachi family

Very, very helpful & a treasured scooter while on holiday in the Lake District & up & down hills.  We will use you again.  Thank you so very much.




Letter St Austell Voice

Shopmobility was a revelation

Recently I was rendered unable to drive because of a leg injury.A whole new world of what it is like to be disabled was opened up to me … it’s not good.  Whilst my ‘driver’ (hubby) was parking in White River Place Car Park, I saw the Shopmobility sign and decided to call in and investigate.  What a revelation!  A wonderful service, providing scooters and chairs for disabled people, available for short or long term rent-just for the shopping trip, or for the week-at extremely reasonable prices.  Staff are helpful, considerate and efficient.  Information and advice is also available.  A brilliant organisation which deserves more publicity and appreciation.

A. N.


The staff, in particular Paul, very helpful.  I would recommend Shopmobility to any person requiring a wheelchair whilst on holiday.  Good luck for the future.